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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in annapolis tonight, the fight to allow illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition. is this fair? >> more than eight dozen amendments were presented by mostly opposing senators saying that that bill is on fire. -- un fair. >> early votes indicate that this bill probably will pass. >> this amendment says that if you are currently in a state today, no matter what your age is, if you are in the state today, this will apply to you. >> for more than three hours, senators debate and amendment after amendment. senators are considering a bill that would allow illegal emigrates to pay in state
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tuition. >> this is filed as an maryland income tax return. what you object about is striking the maryland income tax withheld. >> i am trying to understand the last part of the amendment. >> it requires that students or maryland residents filed taxes for a least two years. they also would have to file paperwork saying that they planned to become a legal citizen. after two years, they could transfer to a four-year institution. they changed the two-year high school requirement to three years and allow out-of-state veterans the same ability as in- state students. this past 28-18. >> we think it is a reasonable bill. there are some protections. it opens up for those that do
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not have documentation that came here for many reasons to pursue education. they can earn more, they can learn more, they can contribute to society. >> this is not fair to the citizens of maryland and those who obey the law. it is totally unfair to anybody who will pasty law to have illegal immigrants come in and possibly take the slots of our students. >> it possibly violates federal law. reporting from our newsroom. >> the house of delegates could vote as early as friday on a bill recognizing same-sex marriage. they knocked down four proposed amendments. any changes would have killed the bill. one lawmaker unsuccessfully tried to get it sent to the 2012
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ballot. >> it guarantees that the people of this day get to vote on an issue that they have said that they want to vote on. >> another failed amendment, a push to allow teachers to teach about a homosexual lifestyle. you can follow the latest developments in annapolis on air and on mine. as maryland lawmakers considering a bill that would abolish the death penalty, they joined the ranks of those that have done away with the capital punishment. illinois became the 16th state to ban executions. >> a standoff on capitol hill. each party tasted defeat. republicans and democrats at odds. democrats want to cut $137 billion from the nation's congress. 77% of americans want
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compromise. according to a study, most americans do not agree with either side. >> they do want to see cuts. the cuts they want to see are related to defense, to intelligence. >> any sort of compromise. >> with the march 18 deadline fast approaching, republicans have started drafting another temporary spending measure. >> special session of 2011 will come to order. there are 19 members present. >> hundreds of protesters gathered in the wisconsin capital shouting at republicans who approved walker's bill on collective bargaining rights. this came despite a democratic walkout. republicans fined a wall and democrats a $100 for each day that they missed of the session.
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he vetoed amendments for the arbitration bill. the amendment bill was approved by the county council on monday. the bill claims that the amendment was needed so that the county can keep its budget under control. >> now to our wet and wild weather. yocan prepare for brain and lots of it. >> this will be throughout the rest of the work week. there will be at least three tornadoes in louisiana. thousands were left without power. >> hundreds of homes were damaged when a tornado touched down near jackson, mississippi. folks to our north are dealing with flooding. it is only expected to get worse. >> this river roared through this new jersey neighborhood. dozens of families had to evacuate to higher ground. they just moved into the house.
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with the river view. that was just six days ago. now they use a swimming pool float and a big stick to navigate their way to dry land. >> they say it is going to rain all weekend. >> what are you going to do? >> emergency workers had to rescue people in several counties that did not get out in time. he used a rowboat to get to his house. a prespring ritual. >> i grew up here. i am 33. it happens. >> 33 times. >> not quite that many. >> through friday, it is all hands on deck. even these inmates and from the county jail pitched in with guards watching. at this strip mall, they know what a few inches of rain can do. >> we got about four inches and flooded out this entire area.
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>> local businesses were busy moving tons of expensive equipment to higher ground. in a struggling economy, a long work day is all that he needs. >> we are going to lose another four days coming up. >> local officials have urged residents to be prepared to evacuate, be prepared for power outages. all day, the clouds have been building overhead. the rain and flooding is ready to come our way. >> we are going to check in with our chief meteorologist. >> it has been approaching all day long. the rain is finally developing across our region. this is a fairly expensive region. we are expecting heavy rain. flood warnings in parts of washington and frederick counties.
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the potential is there for the next couple of days. 1-3 inches of rain could fall across central and western maryland. that could fall across the low lying areas. more details on the storm and whether or not we will see any way to better. the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. >> we like you to try the new weather features on our web site. also, read the bulletin. you can keep up with the rain estimates for our area. it is all on our website. >> why two teenagers are getting help from the red cross after a home caught fire this afternoon. smith it happened at 12:30 in brooklyn park. it took five cruz about 20 minutes to control the blaze. two teens were displaced. they believed the fire began from an unattended cooking
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stove. >> the family of a volunteer firefighter killed in the line of duty will receive pension benefits. this would allow families of firefighters that were previously employed by the county to collect part of his salary. he was killed in january. he retired in 2006, but he continued to volunteer for the fire department. some baltimore county students could go to middle school two years early. if and i get to alleviate overcrowding in elementary school happens. this is creating an uproar among many parents. >> baltimore county executive says that there is a dramatic imbalance in area schools. elementary schools are often crammed with too many students while middle students often have more space.
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they are looking into a solution that is not sitting well with many parents. these kids go to an elementary school, a standout school that happens to be operating overcapacity. >> we go to the trailer. >> it gets a little crowded in there. >> he approached the board of education to make more space at overcrowded elementary schools. >> we can and our overcrowding immediately to -- by transferring a grade into the adjacent middle school. >> the county executive says that shifting for fifth graders to local middle schools makes more sense than tacking on additions to local elementary schools. >> we are talking about $20 million to build an addition. that would take five years to accomplish. i am trying to address the situation immediately. >> i am the guy that is in
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charge of counting the dollars and cents. i want to make sure that the money we spend is spent wisely. >> the middle schools have over 6000 vacancies. she does not want to send her fourth grader to middle school early. her son agrees. he is nervous about mixing with students as old as 14. >> there are a lot of kids that could hurt someone. his is scary. >> he questions whether middle schools could offer all of the age appropriate resources that younger kids need. >> it seems like too much for them. >> they asked administrators to report back on the feasibility of the plan by july 1. kids to be transitioned as soon as this fall. >> a young man we introduced you to last summer has lost his fight with cancer. how you can help coming up.
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>> the port of baltimore is becoming quite a popular area for cruises. >> if you do not have a long commute or you did not go on the highway, it is a great solution. >> soaring gas prices is forcing some people to look at alternative forms of transportation. >> the shuttle discovery returned from space for the last time. >> flood watch in effect as heavy rain moves our way.
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>> the space shuttle discovery touched down on its last flight from space. it helped build the international space station and help carry the first female shuttle pilot. it is heading to washington d.c.. the obama administration said that it has no imminent plans to force more gaddafi from power. treble leaders said that he is urging lawmakers to impose a no- fly zone. clashes continued today. gaddafi struck an oil pipeline and facility. the disruption had shut down most of the country's crude-oil production. >> stocks closed slightly lower today with oil above $104 per barrel. the drop came after it showed that u.s. petroleum supplies
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increased last month. the average price of gas in maryland stands at $3.51. that is a penny below the national average. >> people are looking to save money by investing in a ride that is more fuel efficient. >> the last time that gas got to $4 a gallon was 2008 and these babies were selling like hotcakes. it seems like every day that gas prices are going higher and higher. if you are looking to save money, this could be your answer, a motor scooter. small, compact, easy to maintain. >> i can go to school, a hangout, and take it to the beach. >> motor scooter sales go up as gas prices climbed. people are looking to save. >> about 80 miles to the gallon. most motor scooters can be driven on secondary roads.
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>> people fell into the right thinking that it was ok. gas was down. people are coming in recently. they need something to save some fuel. >> he has been using a motor scooter for his transportation for years. >> i have been writing since 2003. it is a lot of fun. you can always find a parking space. it is a lot of fun. >> they know how gas prices and scooter sales go together. he says that as gas prices continued to climb, so will his scooter sales. >> we ran out a product in the summer. in its 1979 we ran out a product, in 1983 we ran out a product. >> lots of folks are thinking scooters. >> cruises have become so
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popular, a baltimore that officials are looking to expand. they are considering adding a second terminal to accommodate the amount of passengers. they have a close proximity to interstate 95. >> the cruise terminal for the most part is that its capacity. there is only one berthed at the cruise terminal. we can only handle one ship per day. if we want to expand, we believe that's the terminal. >> a terminal would cost millions. they hope to receive funding from partnerships with cruise companies. >> a student has a rare form of leukemia. we are set to tell you that joseph passed away at the age of 14. his family and friends rallied together, all in hopes of finding that a bone marrow match. this was not enough to save his life.
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our sincere condolences to his family. if you like to help out others in need, you can find information on >> the following -- pollen count indicated that tree pollen has spent in the atmosphere. a lot of this will be washed out. checking in fairly low. the mold count at 163 in the low range. we had been picking up traces of precipitation. this has been showing up on radar for a good part of the day. grinning at the airport. the height, 47. four degrees below the normal high of 51. an extensive area of precipitation up and down the eastern seaboard. this area of precipitation is snow.
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this is also snow as you move up into the northern great lakes. heavy showers and thunderstorms off to the south. reports of an upward of 16 tornados today from louisiana to parts of mississippi, alabama, north florida, and south georgia. the whole area of the gulf coast was pounded with thunderstorms today. this is chilly up here. i do not think we will have the severe weather threat. earlier, there was some snow and sleet in western maryland. this watch is for tomorrow night. the rain will change over to snow out west. flood warnings in parts of frederick county and into washington county into northern virginia. we have flood watches covering
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the entire state. there is an indication that the soggy weather will be added to. as we head into thursday, you start to see some rain developing -- yellow on the weather maps. rain tonight. lows of 39-44. the center of the storm is staying well to our north, tracking through the great lakes. it is tracking this low-moving front into the mid-atlantic. the moisture flowing yen on an east wind off of the atlantic. it will just dumped the rain on us for the next day or so. shower activity will taper off early on friday morning. for friday, it is going to be a wet weather pattern. it is going to get chilly once the rain pulls out.
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a burst of rain and snow will follow the system. purple shades in the region. a ports of 2.5 inches of rain. in the red region, 3 inches of rain possible. whins out of the southeast gusting to 39. rain tomorrow changing to snow. a winter storm is out. some thunder storms on the lower eastern shore where temperatures will climb to near 60 degrees. snowwill end as wet snow on friday. we are going back to daylight savings time on friday. >> it took johns hopkins across team less time to figure out their opponents' defense and then their nickname.
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>> huge decisions facing nfl owners with two days left before the labor lockout deadlines. if this reaches a lockout, a court battle could follow. that would force the owners put the box on the table anyway. mark smith says that he does not have enough financial information from the nfl to make a decision. they did agree to a rookie
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salary cap today. if owners do not produce more numbers, the litigation could replace the negotiation. players say they will not budge on the demand to see the books. >> we have asked for financial transparency in 2009. if anybody reports that we have gotten that information and rejected it, they are not telling the truth. >> good news on lee, the mri on his wrist showed nothing wrong. the orioles enjoyed a breakout afternoon against the twins. matt wieters behind the plate. the throw to second is in time. arrieta only gave up one run. the orioles would like to see this highlight about 35 times this season. vladimir guerrero, gone.
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mark reynolds, one-four -- 1-4. the orioles knocked off the minnesota twins this afternoon at 11-2. after suffering his first loss of the season, the johns hopkins lacrosse team had no problem returning tonight. the blue jays beat the jaspers. it is the name of manhattan's first-ever baseball coach who invented the seventh inning stretch, neither of which helped manhattan tonight. they were off to a fast dart against pete jaspers. he wraps around the net. in for the goal against the jaspers. robs should send scores as hopkins beets and -- >> the jaspers.
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>> the caps picked the right time of year to get ridiculously high. they have won six straight games. they dominate with a 5-0 shutout win. what will keep the capitals in first? alex ovechkin, a big night. semin to ovechkin. toying with the goalie. fires in the goal. he gets his first shutout for the caps. they will get over the past? now the jaspers,
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>> how long can we tread water? >> you can be doing retreading. >> flood watch tomorrow. the rain will be heavy. friday at noon it will turn colder. some rain and snow showers. clocks go forward one hour on sunday. >> "the tonight show" is coming up next.
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